Thursday, September 18, 2014


Dear  freands

In first we lernd about the eyes. And we lirnd abut the nerves when sown torches you fill it becus your nervs sends it to your bran then you fill it. then we lirnd abut the eyes we watch a video about the  eyes they told us that when you see something the iyes sends it to the brain . then we lirnd abut the nerves send informochon ogans  to kep them working and when yoy sleap the hart dosent stop beding . and the nerves sestom is ther is somthing that ceaps you alive and when your born you keap your memery. and we lirnd the brin is the speshol thing im your body  the dokters beliv that thee brin not the hart is the best in memery and stil or working on the brin and the brin is simoler to the kipteraa and the brin is from the nerves sistom and stach to it is the spine cord. and onother thing of the brain ishat is somthing like if you fold a paper it is like a brain and if your smoll you af to lern olot and if your small  you will get to learn evrything .

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