Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here is a personal story abut my first day of school

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Beep beep! I woke up quickly and turned off the alarm.  
“MOM,” I screamed!
There was no answer, she must still be sleeping.  I ran to her room to wake her up screaming.
Then my brother asked, “Mom what should I wear to school today?”
Mom answered, “You can wear your new outfit, but hurry so that you are not late.”
I didn’t want to go to school because I felt shy.  I wasn’t sure if my teacher was going to be mean.
Mom was in the car ready to go. She called, “Boys, lets go so that you are not late for school.”
My brother and I grabbed our backpacks and ran out the door. We jumped into the car and were off to our first day of school. On the way to school,  we ate our breakfast.  My brother stating hitting me for no reason, this made me want to get out of the car and walk to school.
Then we got there my mom said to get of the car and  she will take me to my classroom.  My class was with Mrs Coe.
Mrs. Coe”  said hi to :me and i said hi bac . i got in the classroom and sat down on my disk.. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! i screamed because a kid tript me and i  fall down. then mis coe said to the cid if you do that one more time  you will going to the ofis. then it was time for  recess i was excited to go outside but the kid was waiting for me,.the kid sid if i told the teacher he weld hit me. then he left to play with other kids i think that there wher ther friends. Then  miss coed said that it was snack time and she gave us sum golf fish to us and we and a kid at them outside then we and the kid finish eating them and it was time to go inside and then A teacher came to pick me up to take me a to test  it was about the numbers and the abc it was fun. then the class room went to the lunch room to see it. the lunch pipol gift us some crackers and cookies to  eat. then the class took the crackers and cookies  to the lunch room and we sat and ate them.  it was time for reading, we read about dinosaurs. the book was cool because it had pictures and writing on it.then  IT was 1:00 and it was math time we did shapes with candy in last we eat et it was good . then it was resus again we stayed inside to make a necklaces les with scroll then we finish making et.and then i said to the teacher at which time is end of the day and she said now Pedro. et was end of the day and i was hungry.i got my bakbak and waited for my dasd.  then i said to my dad im hungry my dad me too lets go to the taco shop. My dad picked my mom and my brother we drove to the taco shop we.  got tacas  and eat them then it was time to go home. MY mom said to go to sleep and wait for tomorrow. and i said ok